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Faegheh Atashin (born on 5 May 1950 in Tehran), also known by her stage name Googoosh, is an Iranian singer and actress. She is known for her contributions to Iranian pop music, but also starred in a variety of movies from the 1950s to the 1970s. She achieved the pinnacle of her fame and success towards the end of the 1970s. Her overall impact and contributions to Middle Eastern and Central Asian pop-music earned her the title of most iconic female pop-singer from those regions. She has recorded songs in Italian and in Spanish.






Due to her great talents and overall endearment to her people, she is a symbol of national pride to the people of Iran. Outside of Iran, she has a significant following in many Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, and has even caught the attention of western media and press. Her most recent projects include a new collaboration with singer/songwriter Hassan Shamaizadeh for the track Hayahoo from her last album Ejaz, as well as serving as head judge and head of academy for the popular reality show Googoosh Music Academy which is broadcast on London based satellite channel Manoto 1.
Childhood and Career
Googoosh (Faegheh Atashin) was born in Sarcheshmeh Street of Tehran to parents Nasrin and Saber Atashin who were originally Azerbaijani immigrants from the USSR.




Googoosh with her mother



She began doing impersonations of some of the singers of the time while being taken on the road with her father. When her father discovered this talent, he put her on stage at the age of three and from then she was on a professional paid performer.






By her teenage years, Googoosh was regularly singing in public, putting her own stamp on the songs of established musicians such as Ghazal, Delkash, Elaheh and others. In 1966 she released “Ghesseyeh Vafa” the first of many compositions written specifically for her, on this occasion by the composer Parviz Maghsadi and lyricist Iraj Janati Attai.






This was to be the birth-point of a phenomenally successful career that would soon make her a household name and take her around the world. During the 1970s Googoosh began a meteoric rise to fame and success as she drove the edge of Iranian pop music further and further.






Known for her flamboyant outfits and fashion sense, Googoosh wowed her pop culture hungry fans in Iran and abroad with her trademark hairdos and hip-elegant style. Iranian women changed hairdos with Googoosh and she was always one step ahead of them with a new look.






Her music ranged from upbeat 1960s and 70s pop, given a Persian-tinged edge, to declamatory, emotional ballads dealing with love and loss, which at times edge towards chanson and Piaf territory. She starred in over 25 movies, one of which was to be the most commercially successful Iranian motion picture of all time till 1979.






Googoosh had performed many times for the Royal Family and was a favorite of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s wife and children and performed at the party given for the Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi’s Birthday in 1977. Googoosh left Iran in 2000 to undertake a world tour, re-establishing her status as the most successful Iranian artist of all time.






She performed sell-out concerts in prestigious venues such as Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Staple Centre in Los Angeles, Madison Square Gardens in New York, Globen Arena in Stockholm and Wembley Arena in London, amongst many others, and was seen by an audience of over one million in the space of a year.






On 21 and 24 March of 2009, during the Nowruz holiday, Googoosh performed in Dubai. This concert was considered a homecoming for her and thousands of Iranians crossed the Persian Gulf to hear her. Since 2010 she continues to serve as head-of-academy and head-judge alongside Hooman Khalatbari and Babak Saidi for the widely popular reality game show/singing competition Googoosh Music Academy which is broadcast on the London based Iranian satellite channel Manoto 1 as their most watched program.






In December 2010, Googoosh had a very notable concert in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Thousands of Iranians came from Tehran and beyond. In March 2011, the pop star released a snippet via YouTube of a new song she was working on titled “Bedrood”. In April 2011, the singer launched her own cosmetic collection sold online, aptly titled “Googoosh Cosmetics”. In April 2011 she held a legendary concert at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA as well as a record breaking performance at the same venue on October 27, 2012, as a part of her worldwide “Ejaz” Tour.






Also on March 26, 2013 she performed at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall for the first time, where other notable Persian vocalists such as Elaheh, Ebi and Marzieh have performed memorable concerts in the past. The phenomenal success of these concerts was testament not only to her lasting quality as an artist, but also a tribute to generations of Iranians who, despite over two decades of silence, demonstrated their continuing love and loyalty to an enduring star of a bygone era.






In 2012 she released her 6th studio album since her comeback, titled Ejaz. The album consisted of 10 tracks, featuring collaborations with famous Iranian singer/songwriter Hassan Shamaizadeh (“Hayahoo“) and two songs wherein she collaborates with her fellow judge Babak Saidi and show host Raha Etemadi from The Googoosh Music Academy (“Nagoo Bedrood” and “Noghteye Payan”). Another single “Bi Manoto” was a musical rendition of a poem by famous Persian poet Molana (Rumi).






The poem came to Googoosh’s attention during her years banned from singing at the time of the Iran–Iraq War. She felt inspired by the lyrics and therefore created her own melody and was finally presented with the opportunity to record it as she had always wanted during the production of the album. Googoosh tours sporadically, making occasional concert stops all over the globe. While not touring, she spends time on new work projects or with her family.
1971: first prize and golden record at the Midem trade fair in Cannes for her 7″ record (as “Gougoush”) featuring two songs in French: “Retour de la Ville” (A-side) and “J’entends Crier Je T’aime” (B-side). 1972: First prize at the Carthage Music Festival. 1972: First medal of arts of Tunisia. 1973: The best actress for Bita in Iranian Sepas film festival. 1973: participated at San Remo Music Festival.
Personal life
She had one brother who, at the age of 24, was struck by heart rheumatism and died. She has three half-brothers on her father’s side and a brother and sister on her mother’s side. Googoosh’s first husband was Mahmoud Ghorbani. He was a music promoter who had helped Googoosh to make for herself a name throughout the ’60s. They married in February 1967.




Googoosh with Behrouz Vossoughi



They had a son, Kambiz, who currently lives in Los Angeles and who is also in the music industry. After about six years of marriage, Ghorbani and Googoosh divorced in late 1972. In 1975, Googoosh married Iranian actor Behrouz Vossoughi. They divorced fourteen months later, in 1976. During their brief marriage they were considered to be the country’s biggest celebrity power couple.
1970: Do Panjareh (Two Windows), 1971: Mordab (The Swamp), 1972: Kooh (The Mountain), 1974: Do Maahi (Two Fish), 1974: Hamsafar (Co-Traveler), 1975: Pol (The Bridge), 1975: Mosabbeb (with Dariush), 1977: Dar Emtedade Shab (Along the Night), 1978: Ageh Bemooni (If You Stay), Nimeh Gomshodeh Man (“My Lost Half”, year unknown),






Behtarin Fasl-e-Taazeh (“The Best Fresh Season”, year unknown), Jaddeh (The Road), Kavir (The Desert), Yadam Basheh, Yadet Basheh (Shenasnameyeh 1), Setaareh (The Star), Mann O Gonjeshkayeh Khoneh (Me and Sparrows of the Home), Lahzeh Bidari (Awakening Moment), Albums (Since she returned to music), 2000: Zartosht (Zoroaster), 2004: Akharin Khabar (Latest News), 2006: Manifest (Manifest), 2008: Shabe Sepid (White Night), 2010: Hajme Sabz (Green Volume), 2012: E’jaz (Miracle).
Googoosh career led to duets with artists as varied as Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Charles Aznavour, Silvy Vartan, Sacha Distel, Romina Power, Julien Clerc, Patty Pravo, Emel Sayen , Pepino Di Capri, and Ajda Pekan. She performed at international music festivals in France, Italy and Tunisia and had a month-long sell out run at the Eifel Tower in Paris in 1971.






Googoosh was awarded the Special Cultural Medal of Tunisia in 1973 and was the only Persian musician signed to European record companies Barclay of France and RCA of Italy. She recorded songs in English, French, Spanish and Italian, widening her reach and appeal to new audiences previously unfamiliar with her work in her native country.






In addition to the hundreds of songs she recorded as part of an established musical career, Googoosh also performed in 25 movies, with each new success eclipsing the previous and drawing unprecedented numbers of audiences to the cinema.In 1973 her acting skills were recognized with a Sepas Award for “Bita”, a film in which she played the title role.






The films in which Googoosh played include: Runaway Angel (1960), Fear and Hope (1960), The Cliff of Fear (1963), The Naughty One (1965), The Beggars of Tehran (1966), Big and Small (1966), Hoseyn-e Kord (1966), Four Sisters with Leila Forouhar (1967), The Gate of Fate (1967), Treasure and Toil (1967), On the Search for Criminals (1967), The Three Morons (1968), The Night of Angels (1968), The Star of Seven Skies (1968), The Sin of Beauty (1969), Sunrise (1970),






The Wedding Brawl (1970), The Window (1970), Hot Feeling (1971), Starless Sky (1971), Retaliation (1971), Bita (1972), Imaginings (1973), Travelling Mate (1975), Nazanin (1975), American Mammal (1975), Nostalgic Night (1975), Honeymoon (1976), Along the Night (1977), Tonight Someone Cries (1979).






In turn she rewarded their devotion with proof that she continued to remain relevant to today’s audiences, showing that she is a star not only of the past, but also of the present and the future.
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