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Mohammad Reza Golzar


Mohammad Reza Golzar (born on March 21, 1977 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor and musician.






There is not much information about his childhood. He is graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Islamic Azad University and very active in various field like acting, Modeling and Musician.






Before he started his acting career in the film Sam and Narges, he was entered to the Iranian music band Arian in 1997, so gained fame as the guitarist of the Arian band.






His acting career started when Golzar was suddenly introduced to director Iraj Ghaderi and got role in the film Sam and Narges, then he could gain more popularity through acting in more films such as Shaam-e Akhar, Zahr-e Asal, and Bootik ….






In Bootik he showed his wonderful talent in acting and showed that if he makes a decided he is able to be a successful actor.
More films after Sam and Narges in which Golzar played include:
Sam-o Narges (2000 – Iraj Ghaderi) , Mamado-o abbas (2001 – Iraj Ghaderi) , Zamaneh (2001 – Hamidreza Salahmand) , Bala-ye Shaher Payeen-e Shahr (2002 – Akbar Khamin) , Shaam-e Akhar (2002 – Fereydoon Jeyrani) , Zahr-e Asal (2003 – Ebrahim Sheibani) , Boutique (2003 – Hamid Nematolahi) , Cheshman-e Siah (2004 – Iraj Ghaderi) ,  Taleh (2006 – Siroos Alvand) , Coma (2004 – Arash Mooayerian) , Gol-e Yakh (2005 – Kiomars Pourahmad) , Sham-e Aroosi (2006 – Ebrahim Vahidzadeh) , Atash Bas (2006 – Tahmineh Milani) , Kalagh Par (2007 – Shahram Shah Hoseini) , Tofighe Ejbari (2007 – Mohammad Hosein Latifi) , Majnoone Leili (2008 – Ghasem Jafari) , 2 Khahar (2008- Reza Banki) , Shish – o – Besh (2011 – bahman goodarzi) , Dar Emtedade Shahr (2011 – Ali Atshani) ,  Sakhte Iran (2011_2012 – Mohammad Hosein Latifi).






He was the captain of volleyball team of the artists from 2004 to 2008 that work for a charity tournament was held in 2005 but due to differences with the head coach and careers in cinema, Golzar withdrew from the team in 2008.






Furthermore Mohammad Reza Golzar is the first male that was involved with Commercial Modeling and for his talents and appearance, he is one of the best known and most revered International Iranian heart throb. He has modeled for many companies such as Shyravran, Aykat and Tee-Top (one of the most famous tea cakes in Iran).
Source: Wikipedia