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Shahab Hosseini


Shahab Hosseini (born on February 3, 1974 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor.





Early life
Once a psychology student at the University of Tehran, he dropped out to emigrate to Canada. Instead, he ended up as a radio host in Iran.






This was followed by hosting a TV show for the youth audience and some small acting roles in a few TV series.






His acting career took off by his performance in movies like “The Woman Does Not Speak” and “A Candle in the Wind”.






On June 2011, he announced that he would be taking a break but would return to cinema in 2013.











Pas Az Baran (2000), Rokhsare (2001), Adamakha (2001), Vakonesh Panjom (2002), In Zan harf nemizanad! (2002), Zahre Asal (2002), Shami Dar Bad (2003), Elahe Zigorit (2003), Tabe Sard (2003), Gardab (2004), Rastgari dar Hasht and Bist Daghighe (2004), Ghatle Online (2005), Pishnahad Panjah Milioni (2005), Baghe Aloche (2005), Gheyre Montazere (2006), Bachehaye Abadi (2006), Tangna (2006), Estghah-e Behesht (2006), Zero Degree Turn (2007), Mahya (2007), Delshekaste (2007), Parchamhaye Ghaleye Kaveh (2007), Nashenas (2007), Tanhayi (2007), Super Star (2008), About Elly (2008), Niloofar (2008), Gozareshgar (2008), Anahita (2009), Shoghe Parvaz (2009), Parseh Dar Meh (2009), Sote Payan (2010), Barf Roye Shirvaniye Dagh (2010), Sarzamine Kohan (2011), Nader and Simin, A Separation (2011), Hoze Naghashi (2013), Sakene Tabaghe ye Vasat (2014).





Personal life






He married Parichehr Ghanbari in 1996. They have two sons, Mohammad Amin, born on 3 February 2004 and Amir Ali, born on 11 August 2011.
Source: Wikipedia