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Iran and Japan to make deal on water mgmt.


Iran’s deputy energy minister said about joining cooperation with Japanese firms which can bring success to domestic water projects. Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy Sattar Mahmoudi said, “Iran possesses the most educated human resources, consulting engineering firms and construction contractors, natural resources as well as investment security compared to neighboring states have all created a good opportunity for foreign investors.” The official said Iran seeks to promotion of service qualities as well as transfer of new technologies. “In the water sector, we welcome joint venture proposals on various projects including establishment of sewage systems in 500 cities, construction of hydropower dams to supply water to 100 towns as well as management of non-revenue water in the country’s distribution network and conveyor lines,” he underlined. “Iran gained major achievements during sanction years as we could remove barriers by making a link between universities and industries,” maintained deputy energy minister stressing the need to boost service levels inside the country. He reiterated, “In joint collaboration with Japanese firms, Iranian can launch numerous projects in water and wastewaters arenas since cooperation with Iran would be in the interest of Japanese investors in terms of time and distance.”
Source: Mehr News Agency