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Iran unveils 3 ICT projects on World Communications Day


Concurrent with World Communications Day, Iran unveiled three projects including traffic exchange center of National Information Network and national portal of smart government services. The ceremony marking World Communications Day with the slogan “ICT Entrepreneurship for Social Impact” was held on Sunday morning in Tehran with the presence of Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace (SCC), Abolhassan Firouzabadi. During the ceremony, ICT minister unveiled the project of national portal of smart government services, which provides secure information to people while reducing the time spent on requesting services.






Furthermore, the ‘GSB’ project was unveiled by Firouzabadi as government’s Information Sharing Centre and connection among databases of executive organizations. As a sample, the first email was received by connecting to the portal of IRI Post Company. The third project that was unveiled during the ceremony was called ‘NIX’ as a national data center for traffic exchange network. NIX is considered as an integrated platform for traffic exchange network in the country.
Source: Mehr News Agency