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Iran able to become exportable scientific collection


Iran’s vice-president for Iran’s VP for Science and Technology said that Iran is capable of turning into an exportable scientific collection in area of special knowledge-based products. Vice-President for Scientific and Technology Affairs, Sorena Sattari said, “The incumbent government attaches great importance to this area and seeks to strengthen mechanisms for cooperation with major countries that possess technology in knowledge-based sciences like biotechnology, nanotechnology and IT. Given individual capabilities and skilled domestic manpower, the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys the capacity to turn into an exportable scientific collection in arena of special knowledge-based products.”






Sattari deemed technology diplomacy as one of the achievements of his department’s activities and evaluated the holding of seven related training courses in the presence of 230 Iranian diplomats as an instance of successful cooperation with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) turned the negative atmosphere of confrontation into an air of constructive interaction,” the official concluded.
Source: Mehr News Agency