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Iran INOTEX 2016 to feature S Korean tech products


Director of the 5th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX2016) Hamid Reza Amirinia said, “INOTEX 2016 is a national action to promote hi-tech products and knowledge-based wealth creation instrument which seeks to contribute Resistance Economy policies as well. Beginning in 4th edition of the event, INOTEX assumed an international approach to provide Iranian tech companies to find new horizons in the world markets and new partners overseas; we support domestic companies through leading them onto the road to export their products; companies from South Korea, EU, eastern Asia, and elsewhere will display their products in the exhibition to facilitate exchanges between domestic and international companies.”






He noted, “Along with the main event, the first session of innovation networking will also meet to provide a model of using new technologies and innovative plans by tech companies; in this edition, South Korean tech products will receive a special feature, with advantages to Iranian companies, notably technology transfer to our domestic companies. Other side-events will also invite the interested public as well as technology moguls, notably a commercialization session which will be held by NAM member states, with 21 representatives in a training workshop.”
Source: Mehr News Agency