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Iranian researchers identify 45 oil-eating bacteria


Iranian researchers have identified 45 different oil-eating microscopic life forms that thrive in salt lakes and other high-salt environments in Iran. Mohammad Ali Amouzegar, a faculty member at the University of Tehran, told Mehr News correspondent that the study on microscopic life forms in high-salt environments in Iran have led to the discovery of 45 different microorganisms, known for their dietary choice in oil spills. “These microbes have a high biotechnology ability and are significantly useful for removing oil pollutants, textile industrial pollutants, and toxic metals in nature,” he said, adding “they have also use in pharmaceutical and food industries.”






According to him, prior of the research conducted by the Iranian team, 12,000 types of oil-eating microorganisms had been identified across the world. Amouzegar maintained that the 45 microbes that were discovered in Namak-Aran and Bidgol Salt Lake located at Iran’s central desert have been registered in the global gene bank now.
Source: Mehr News Agency