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Iran’s Bam Citadel to open to public after 13 years


The world’s largest adobe building has only recently been finding its past glory after reconstruction of its most beautiful part which is planned to be opened to interested public.






Built around 500 BC, Bam Citadel was hit by the earthquake. In the process of construction, different academicians and experts participated in a multinational workshop to erect the citadel anew. Afshin Ebrahimi, head of Bam International Heritage, an NGO to register the citadel in UNESCO World Heritage List, said that the restoration work would give the public access to seat and office of the Governor (hakim neshin) and the first porch of the Citadel.






Bam Governor Mr. Reza Ashk also said, “In 2003, the Citadel was demolished by the quake; this struck the people with grief and gloom, since the Citadel was a source of inspiration and symbolized the life in a city in the middle of the desert. Mohammad Jahanshahi, another local official, deputy-head of local Cultural Heritage Organization also spoke to Mehr News on the topic;






“according to figures, the Citadel topped the list of domestic and international tourist visits last year (2015); after the quake, we had the historic record low in the number of incoming visitors, only alleviated by other provincial attractions such as Lout Desert, Meimand Village, and Rayen Citadel; the Citadel in Bam will restore the past boom in tourism with restoration efforts bringing good tidings,” he said.
Source: Mehr News Agency