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Benyamin Bahadori


Benyamin Bahadori (born on September 09, 1982 in Tehran) is an Iranian singer of Persian pop music. He was so interested in Music when he was a child. He started learning Music and poem at age 16 and learnt playing on Guitar professionally at age 19.






He composed one album as “Golhaye ranginkaman” for children and with the album 85 entered to the world of singers. He has published 2 albums called Benyamin-85, Benyamin-88 and has performed live concerts in Iran and abroad.






Benyamin’s first official album is Benyamin-85.It was a commercial success within Iran and with the Iranian diaspora abroad.The poet of the album was “Seyed Farid Ahmadi” , the composer of it was “Nima Varasteh”.






His second album Benyamin-88 based on the first album and could be sold 500,000 copies in a week and it was a significant sale comparing to the others. This album has got 17 pieces and Publication of it has been done in Iran and America at the same time.






Publishing of this album was under taken of 2 companies called “Avaye Nakisa” (in Iran) , “Taraneye Sharghi” (in America). The poet of the album (Benyamin-88) was ” Seyed Farid Ahmadi” ,The corrector of it was “Payam Shams” and the Composition of the album 88 has been done by Benyamin himself.






His most famous songs include “Khatereha” (“Memories”, more commonly known as “Donya Dige Mese To Nadare”), “Loknat” (“Stutter”), and “Adam Ahani” (more commonly known as “Halam Badeh”).






In September 2006, Benyamin Bahadori travelled to Sweden to have concerts in Tantolunden, Hornstull and Stockholm. Bahadori is also famous for his religious-themed compositions.






His most famous songs include “Khatereha” (“Memories”, more commonly known as “Donya”), “Loknat” (“Stutter”), and “Adam Ahani” (more commonly known as “Halam Badeh”). In March 2010 in Fajr Music Festival (Milad Tower) his first official concert held in Iran.






Benyamin Bahadori married Nasim Heshmati in 2010. The couple had one child, her name is Barana. Nasim died in a car accident in Tehran on December 20, 2013.
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