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Akbar Abdi


Akbar Abdi (born on August 27, 1960 ‎ at Tehran), is an Iranian actor and comedian. He proved his talent through a TV series consisting of children’s programming ‘I am late again for school’.






Akbar Abdi started his career in TV series and soon became very popular. He shined as a movie star by playing in the movie “Ejareh-Nesheenha” (The Tenants). He has chosen diverse characters to play in different movies and is respected as a classic movie star with a successful career in Iran.




His movies are as follow:
Mardi ke moosh shod (1985), Ejareh-Neshinha (1986), Grand Cinema (1989), Dozde aroosakha (1990), Ey Iran (1990),   Mother (1991), Nassereddin Shah as Actor-e Cinema (1992), Del Shodegan (1992), Honarpisheh (1993), Adam barfi (1995), Pak bakhteh (1995), Claws in the Dust (1997), Ali and Danny (2002), Noon o Eshgh o Motor 1000 (2003), Ekhrajiha (2007), Me’rajiha (2014).
Source: Wikipedia